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So Who am I?...I am the husband of one terrific wife and the father of two boys, both of whom have autism. I have been in the Marines for over 15 years and in that time ( and in my own growing up) I have seen, done and experienced a great multitude of things. Which is why I call myself Diverse Dad. My user name is a mix of a Toby Mac song and a reflection on a lot of different life experiences that have helped me grow and help others through similar situations. I can be pretty hyper sometimes and my wife often accuses me of being ADD. Other than that I see myself as a pretty normal dad who is trying to raise children with Godly Christian character in a world that seems to scream otherwise. By blogging I hope to offer words of encouragement to my fellow dads specifically and all people in general. Secondly by going through the pages of others, I hope to gain knowledge and ideas that can help my family and I. So feel free to comment good, bad or otherwise and share your thoughts...God Bless and I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Picking Up from my Last Entry...

Let’s see, where did I leave off? Oh yes, starting a new position in the Marine Corps. Originally after all my Osprey training was complete, I was supposed to return to my previous unit. There was just one little hiccup. One of the Marines who worked for me, got promoted to the same rank as I. I am extremely happy for the man, but on the down side the squadron rates only one person at my rank for our section. So, I had to start looking for a new home (which I have learned it pays to be proactive in that area. That way, if I wind up somewhere that isn’t my cup of tea, I have no one to blame but me). I did some looking and discovered that the position for the Airframes supervisor at the formal training school for the Osprey was going to be available soon, since the current one is getting ready to retire. So after making requests to their people and my people, I was given a reporting date of 3 August. Not so bad because it is on the same base that I am on now. I do however feel very blessed by our Creator. Just a month ago I was pretty sure I was going back to play in the sand (Afghanistan) in less than a year. Then you think of the strain it puts on the family, especially having two children with autism. More so, I believe the strain on my wife. It is hard enough for both of us to keep up the pace around here at times. I could not even fathom doing it alone. She is quite the special woman. I am pretty excited about the new job though. It will be a new experience for me but more importantly, I will finally have some good family time. I should wrap this up, just let me say this. Don’t worry about the mistakes from the past, learn and move on. Do not worry about tomorrow, because no matter how much you plan there is still uncertainty. But, live everyday for what is, a gift, that is why it is called the present. Below are a couple of pictures. One is the grand daddy of aircraft, the Phrog and following that is its replacement, the Osprey. My apologies for the choppiness, I guess I am more tired than I thought. Until next time, may you find peace and comfort.

Above, one of my squadron's Phrogs in Afghanistan, below the Osprey.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy !!!!

No really, it is the truth! Once our trip for Virginia was over with, we started making preparations for moving. Did I ever mention, how much I love moving? I should almost be a proffesional by now, since I have moved six times in the last 18 years, two of those in the last two years! Actually this one went pretty smoothly compared to the others. I think the best thing my wife and I did this time is we didn't let it control our family's life. Nomally when we move , we go full bore until it is done, which results in missed meals ( or just as bad poor ones), kids routines messed up, and somewhere by all parties involved, a good version of their own breakdown! No, this time we took our time and although it took longer than usual, I think everyone fared much better. I picked up the keys on the 10th of July and two weeks later, we are almost done. All that is left is: the fence, swing set, trampoline, and a few more boxes. Did you notice how I saved all the fun stuff for the end? Well, that is all for tonight, between work, moving and old age (turned 37 yesterday) I am pretty worn out. Next week starts a new job positon for me in the Marine Corps, but that will be another entry. Until next time, may peace be with you and your loved ones. Good Night! I also posted a couple pics of the new house. Now for real this time, Good Night!

Needs a little yard work

Living Room Area, doesn't it look cozy?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I have been slacking, I know :)

Well, I know, I have been slacking! I wish I had a good reason but I really don't so I won't make one up. It has been busy around here but not that busy. Since I haven't posted anything since late May, I will pick up there (or pretty close at least). In June, my in-laws came down for their semi-annual visit and celebrated our son's 13th birthday as well. It wasn't a huge celebration since we were saving the big part for late June to go see Toby Mac and others at Busch Gardens (more on that later). Where was I, oh yes, in-laws visiting. Overall it was a very nice time. My wife took her mother for a ladies day out and enjoyed lunch and had planned on going shopping. I say planned because my wife's car a 2003 Taurus had died on her in the parking lot. I must say they both handled the situation very well. My father-in-law went to pick them up while I watched the kids. Afterwards, he and I went to look at the car. We were able to jump start it and I drove it home. I did a little troubleshooting and all things pointed to a bad alternator. Which is kind of hard to believe, I mean the car is an '03 but it only has 20,000 miles (my wife doesn't drive much). I bought the alternator and after several hours of frustration her car was up and running again. Now back to the birthday part. My wife (the awesome baker/cook that she is) made my son a cake that looked like an Oreo cookie. It was delicious! Overall it was a good birthday for my son and excellent time with family. Shortly afterwards we got notification we would be moving houses due to renovations (military housing on base). With address in hand, my family and I checked out our future new location. The house in itself looked very nice but the location was not so great. Where we live now, it is a quieter area, with a small woods behind, good yard space and distance from neighbors. Allowing for a good play area for my kids and security for my youngest. Unfortunately, our new location had the exact opposite: Very busy (a stone's throw from the Community Center), short drive way (too close to the street), a busy street, and minimal yard. However, we have learned to trust God in all things and figured there was a reason. So we began making plans...then I learned my neighbor and co-worker was assigned a house in what my wife and I deemed as ideal. So after speaking with him, he said he would be willing to, if the assignment office agreed. So I went and spoke with the office, explaining how it would be better security and peace of mind for my youngest son. They agreed to it, so now we have a new location which is almost identical to where we live now. If any of you out there have children with autism, I am sure you can understand how important keeping things the same is. I know in our situation, when we moved here two years ago, it took us about six months for everything to settle down due to the diffrences in house lay-out and area. It wasn't a pretty sight. Well now on to the exciting stuff. As mentioned earlier, I took Tyler to Busch Gardens for a Toby Mac concert. We left on Saturday morning and arrived late afternoon. After getting settled in to the hotel, we went and looked around historic Williamsburg and had dinner. We returned to the hotel with hopes of going into the pool but settled for strolling around the area. The next morning we woke up early and headed back to historic Williamsburg to pick up a souvenir for the wife, who appreciates early American history. I was able to pick up a set of antique candle lanterns(at least replicas of them) for her and a couple of battery powered flickering candles for them. From there we headed over to the hotel to grab supplies for an all day outing and headed for Bush Gardens. We arrived as the park was opening and proceeded inside. The concert (our real reason for being there) wasn't going to start until 4 p.m. So we enjoyed the sights and looked at everything the park has to offer. At about 2:30 we headed over to the concert area and noticed it was getting crowded so we went in. First up was Brandon Heath (who did an excellent job), next was Mandisa (she was excellent as well although my son wasn't pleased with her old school stuff and wanted to hear more of her album music, and then it was tobyMac, who both my son and I enjoy very much. We both were able to get a T-shirt and had an excellent time. Which is really where I want to appeal to Dad's: Dads please listen, it isn't what you do that builds the memory for your child, it is being there that builds the memory. Last night for instance was the 4th of July celebration. Last year I wasn't able to take Tyler since I was in Afghanistan with fire works of my own. Last night though, we hopped in my truck and went to the local fire works. We waited for about an hour for them to begin and in that time we just talked. It wasn't anything fancy but it was important for my son and me as well. As I have mentioned before, if we do not take the time to teach and spend time with our children, someone else will. Well, I should wrap this up. We start moving on the 10th of this month and there is much to do. Yesterday I took down the swing set and the trampoline and that alone was an all day affair...So if I am not back for a few days...it will be alright I am just trying to move. Less than a month after that I start a new job position in the Marine Corps. Sometimes life just seems a little crazy! Until next time may the peace of God be with you and may you follow his calling. Before I go though, another couple of pics from Busch Gardens.

Tyler on the slide above and on the rope bridge below