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So Who am I?...I am the husband of one terrific wife and the father of two boys, both of whom have autism. I have been in the Marines for over 15 years and in that time ( and in my own growing up) I have seen, done and experienced a great multitude of things. Which is why I call myself Diverse Dad. My user name is a mix of a Toby Mac song and a reflection on a lot of different life experiences that have helped me grow and help others through similar situations. I can be pretty hyper sometimes and my wife often accuses me of being ADD. Other than that I see myself as a pretty normal dad who is trying to raise children with Godly Christian character in a world that seems to scream otherwise. By blogging I hope to offer words of encouragement to my fellow dads specifically and all people in general. Secondly by going through the pages of others, I hope to gain knowledge and ideas that can help my family and I. So feel free to comment good, bad or otherwise and share your thoughts...God Bless and I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blogging Irregularites, A Good Blog, and no Coffee!

Well it has been exactly one month since my last blog…almost seems like a confessional doesn’t it? Don’t worry, I am not apologizing. There are times I feel guilty about not blogging enough or checking my e-mail (just deleted 330) but I take a step back and reassess it all and here is what I came up with. I leave for work about 6:30 a.m. and get home between the times of 4 and 6 p.m. (usually somewhere in the middle). Then my family and I eat dinner, the kids take a bath and then it is off to bed at around 10 p.m. So really the only time available is the weekend. Now the weekends are for the family and to get the chores done. So this presents my dilemma of blogging on a regular schedule. Actually, I think it emphasizes what I try to say in the majority of my posts that we as Dads play a huge role in our families. If we let all the hustle and bustle of life disrupt that, other influences will take their place, which I believe is the largest to the contributor to the failings of the American family today.

Speaking of dad’s, my wife introduced me to a really cool blog from a dad, if you would like to check it out it is: The Male Domain. I also just found out that my blog made an inspirational blog list from AssociateDegree.com. If you would like to see others that made the list check out Inspirational Blogs .

Other happenings in our household have not been too many. We have moved past the holidays and are trucking along in 2010. Tuesday of this week was particularly a rough day... It started off simple enough, I awoke at 5:15 as normal and went to turn on the old coffee maker and then it happened…the coffee maker stopped working. It would turn on and a few seconds later beep then shut-off (as if it completed the brewing cycle) with no coffee brewed. It was a catastrophe of epic proportions…if you are coffee connoisseur (read addict) you can truly understand the depth of despair this would bring. What little did I know that little problem would spiral into a terribly rough day at the office. The day ended on a better note as my family and I after work went an obtained a new caffeine producing device. And next week, my eldest son and I will take a two hour drive so we can attend the Winter Jam Tour 2010. Once again it will be an opportunity for my son and I to build memories and spend time together doing something we both enjoy. If you would like to know more about it or if there is one in your area go to the Winter Jam site! Until next time…may the Lord guide your steps and catch you when you slip.