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So Who am I?...I am the husband of one terrific wife and the father of two boys, both of whom have autism. I have been in the Marines for over 15 years and in that time ( and in my own growing up) I have seen, done and experienced a great multitude of things. Which is why I call myself Diverse Dad. My user name is a mix of a Toby Mac song and a reflection on a lot of different life experiences that have helped me grow and help others through similar situations. I can be pretty hyper sometimes and my wife often accuses me of being ADD. Other than that I see myself as a pretty normal dad who is trying to raise children with Godly Christian character in a world that seems to scream otherwise. By blogging I hope to offer words of encouragement to my fellow dads specifically and all people in general. Secondly by going through the pages of others, I hope to gain knowledge and ideas that can help my family and I. So feel free to comment good, bad or otherwise and share your thoughts...God Bless and I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Local Winter Jam and other Happenings

Do you know the biggest problem with inconsistent blogging? The ability to actually cover everything that has happened since the last post. It's a good thing that the most important aspect of my blog is about being a dad. Which leads me to my the title of my post. The most amazing thing happened a few weeks ago...it actually snowed in good old south eastern North Carolina. Which we had one snow fall last year and the last one before that was a few years before. Now for those of you wishing for me to be quiet because you live in one of those tundra like areas where you get enough snow for you and I, I ask for a little latitude. For you see, my wife and I both grew up in the frozen land of Wisconsin, so you see we are kind of sentimental to snow. And if you rarely ever get it, when you do it is kind of special. At any rate, my son and I enjoyed a good old snow ball fight and took a walk through the woods to enjoy God's creation blanketed in undisturbed beauty. Below are a couple of pictures from the whole experience.

Father and son resting up after a good snow ball fight.

A picture of undisturbed creation in the snow...reminds me of Narnia under the White Witches rule.

Other happenings are actually "gadget geek" related. For Christmas, my wife got me a digital photo frame and I-Pod dock all in one by Sony for my desk at work. I think it was too much packaged into one item because after two weeks the docking station stopped working and I wound up returning it. I have been on the search for one similar since then, unfortunately I wasn't able to find one. My wife, being the wonderful woman that she is, simplified my problem for me. For Valentine's day she gave me a digital photo frame with a 1 GB internal memory (also by Sony). It works awesome, has some cool features, has an excellent display and even comes with a remote. So all I had to do was find a docking station that appealed to me, which was really simple to do. I settled on the Bose Series II docking station. I will always be amazed by Bose, how they can get incredible sound from such a small product. So at least now when I am locked down behind my desk I can enjoy some great music and look upon to those that matter most in my life. Well that is all for tonight, I need to go read bedtime stories and get to bed myself. Until next time may all be well.

P.S. For the wives that may be reading. Don't worry, I didn't forget my wife on Valentines day, I was able to get her something special for too. She even got it early...how cool is that.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winter Jam 2010

What a show! As mentioned earlier, my son and I went to the Winter Jam concert in Greensboro and what a Jam it was (definitely worth the 3 ½ hour drive)! We left yesterday morning earlier since bad weather was predicted in the area. We only faced a few flurries and rain most of the way. We arrived after 1, ate lunch, checked into our hotel and took a cab to the coliseum. We had pretty good seats and had an excellent time and if there is one coming to your area I highly recommend you go. For Newsboys fans that are wondering how they sound with Michael Tait as their new front man you need not to worry. In my opinion they sound great and Michael Tait is a natural fit. All the bands did great and I must say that I am impressed with the new to me band Fire Flight. My son thinks there a little heavy but I tend to like the heavier stuff. It was a great night of music, praise, fellowship and memories for my son and me. And although the whole experience has left me wiped out (I think I am getting too old for all this), it was definitely worth it. So my fellow dads take the time to build those memories and give your children the time they deserve…you will be glad you did. On a final note, I placed some pictures from the concert below. Until next time, may you be the dad God meant you to be.

Below is a picture of Newsboys

Below is Third Day: